Roof cavity cleaning is very important to help you keep your roof in top shape. It not only keeps everything above level clean, it also helps to prevent further damage from occurring by helping to create a barrier between the roof and whatever else lies below. If you are wondering what the most common type of damage to your roof cavity is then there is a pretty good chance that you have something like rat droppings, or rotting material that has built up there over time. Roof dust is an even bigger danger that poses a major health threat to anyone in your household who is exposed to it. It consists of dead skin cells, dust, hair, and other materials that simply don't float away but rather collects and becomes a real health issue for anyone in your household. How to Keep Your Roof Cavity Clean Roofer droppings are the most dangerous form of roof debris for people in the home. They often come in the form of dark, oily, musty odor and cause a horrible taste when they hit the back of the throat or roof tiles. It is not uncommon for people to suffer from allergic reactions such as dizziness, difficulty breathing, coughing fits, chest pains, and nausea once they are exposed to rooster droppings. If you suspect that you may be suffering from these types of reactions after coming in contact with ceiling dust, you should get yourself checked out by an experienced medical professional and make sure that you do not have a respiratory condition like asthma, which will make you very sensitive to the effects of this particular type of roof tiles. Roofter droppings can also be caused by problems with your attic ventilation system, which means that you need to take some time to have everything in your attic inspected before you try to use the roof tiles in your home. When you keep your roof space clean and clear of all debris then you will help keep your roof cavity clean and free from any health risks. Keep in mind that the only thing that is actually keeping the roof space clean and safe is the effort that you are making by keeping it clear and clean. Roofing contractors can often provide a roof inspection service to make sure that there are no major issues with your roof and that you are not at risk of having any of these health risks. Once you know that you are safe from these health risks, then you can focus on choosing roof tiles that will give you that dream look that you want.